New Strategies for Ontario’s Real Estate Portfolio

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government, under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford, has embarked on a mission to optimize the province’s real estate portfolio. In a mandate letter obtained by Global News, it was revealed that Premier Ford ordered his infrastructure minister, Monte McNaughton, to review the province’s real estate holdings and explore opportunities to sell underutilized properties.

In addition to the review of the real estate portfolio, the mandate letter also highlighted the government’s focus on infrastructure development. The Minister of Infrastructure was instructed to work with the Minister of Transportation to deliver on various commitments, such as the twinning of regional highways and the expansion of public transit projects. The government also emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships in building necessary infrastructure.

The goal of these initiatives is to ensure that Ontario’s capital investments in infrastructure are being deployed efficiently and effectively for the benefit of Ontario families and businesses. By divesting unused properties and exploring new ways to finance infrastructure projects, the government aims to lower costs and increase private sector involvement in the development of public infrastructure.

While the specific properties targeted for sale were not disclosed in the mandate letter, the government’s intention to maximize the value of underutilized assets is apparent. Whether through selling properties, donating them for social housing, or repurposing the facilities for more efficient use, the government is determined to optimize the real estate portfolio for the betterment of the province.


Q: What is the government’s objective in reviewing Ontario’s real estate portfolio?
A: The government aims to identify underutilized properties and explore opportunities for sale, donation, or repurposing to maximize the value of the portfolio.

Q: How does the government plan to finance infrastructure projects?
A: The government intends to expand the use of public-private partnerships and explore new ways of financing infrastructure to lower costs and increase private sector involvement.

Q: What is the significance of these initiatives for Ontario families and businesses?
A: By optimizing the real estate portfolio and improving infrastructure delivery, these initiatives aim to create a more efficient and cost-effective environment for Ontario families and businesses.