The Start of School in Ottawa Brings a Heatwave

The start of the school year in Ottawa is typically accompanied by crisp, fall weather. However, this year, residents are instead dealing with a heatwave that is expected to last for most of the week. With temperatures feeling close to 40 degrees Celsius, the heatwave is making it challenging for individuals to go about their daily activities.

Roofers, like Owen O’Shea from Roof Boss Roofing, are facing the brunt of the heat. O’Shea, who has been in the roofing industry for over a decade, expressed that this year has been particularly hot. Working with roofing materials that become extremely hot to the touch, roofers often have to wear gloves to protect themselves from burns. O’Shea advises caution when touching metal objects, emphasizing the need for gloves.

Despite the scorching conditions, schools in Ottawa remained open, unlike several Gatineau schools that were closed due to the heat. While students were in classrooms, some parents took advantage of the heatwave. One beachgoer, Todd Byers, mentioned being off work and enjoying the day with his wife. Many people expressed their appreciation for the return of warmth after a cold August.

At Britannia Beach, people flocked to enjoy what could potentially be the last taste of summer. Many beachgoers expressed their desire to make the most of the remaining warm weather before the colder temperatures set in. Even the extreme heat couldn’t deter Byers, who proclaimed that he and his wife would always choose to embrace the hottest days.

As a result of the heatwave, city pools were closed, causing many children to be in school instead of taking advantage of the water facilities. While splash pads remained open, they saw fewer visitors as families opted to stay indoors and seek relief from the extreme heat.

Overall, Ottawa residents are experiencing an unusual heatwave during what is traditionally the back-to-school season. The scorching conditions present challenges for various occupations and affect outdoor activities. However, some people are finding ways to enjoy the last remnants of summer before the colder weather arrives.