Aussie Man Discovers $45,000 Cash in Tin Can

A man named Tony O’Brien had an incredible discovery that sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie. He bought two tins of paint at an auction back in 2017, not expecting much. But when he opened one of the tins, he found a huge surprise – it was filled with cash.

The other tin sat unopened for years until O’Brien decided to take a quick peek. To his amazement, he discovered sand inside. At the time, he had moved to the outback opal town of Glengarry near Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. He thought nothing of the tin and left it on his rubbish heap.

Years later, while weeding, O’Brien stumbled upon the tin again. Curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to take one last look. To his astonishment, he felt the bottom of a bag inside the tin. As he dug deeper, he realized the tin was filled with high denomination notes, totaling $45,000. It turned out the cash had been lying in the dirt for 12 years.

Sadly, Tony O’Brien passed away last year, but his son and grandson continue to remember his extraordinary discovery. The family is now selling the Glengarry property where the tin was found. They have decided to let someone else have the chance to experience their own outback adventure and perhaps find some luck along the way.

Tony O’Brien’s story has made his grandson popular at school, as students are fascinated by the lucky find. Tony II believes luck runs in the family, although he thinks it may have skipped his own generation. However, Tony III claims to have luck on his side, always finding money on the ground whenever he goes to the shops.

If you’re keen to try your luck and experience the outback, the Glengarry property is now up for sale. Who knows what other treasures await?