Confusion Surrounds Road Signs as Wales’ 20mph Speed Limit Approaches

As the implementation of Wales’ 20mph default speed limit draws near, reports have emerged of members of the public removing stickers from road signs, causing confusion. This tampering has resulted in the unusual sight of a 30mph sign on one side of a road in Wrexham county and a 20mph sign on the other.

Simon Baynes, a Tory MP for Clwyd South, shared a picture of this peculiar situation on social media, criticizing the “chaotic 20mph policy” of Welsh Labour in Clwyd South, Wrexham.

Wrexham council provided an explanation for the mixed signage, stating that they have been installing new 20mph signs in preparation for the change on September 17th. However, until the new speed limit is officially in effect, they are required to continue displaying the existing 30mph signs. To adapt to this situation, the council and other authorities in Wales have placed temporary ‘3’ stickers over the ‘2’, ensuring an easy and quick removal once the appropriate time comes. Unfortunately, it has been observed that some individuals have removed these stickers, contributing to the confusion.

Some social media users have questioned Simon Baynes’ criticism of the 20mph policy, pointing out that the responsibility for the signs lies with the local authority. In this case, Wrexham County Borough Council, which is currently under the control of a Tory-Independence coalition.

The upcoming default 20mph speed limit in Wales has sparked interest and debate. To better understand the potential challenges that may arise, you can read more about the discussions and expectations surrounding the new limit.