Fire Crews Rescue Trapped Motorist After Five Days in Ravine

Fire crews successfully rescued a person who was found trapped in a pickup truck at the bottom of a ravine in Kern County, California. The individual had been stranded there for five days before finally being rescued.

The Kern County Fire Department carried out the rescue operation on Saturday morning. The location of the incident was off Comanche Point Road, situated between East Arvin and Stallion Springs, north of Los Angeles.

After locating the person at the bottom of a 100-foot ravine, fire crews used hoisting equipment to safely lift them to the top. The victim’s identity remains unknown at this time.

According to statements issued by the Kern County Fire Department, the individual had sustained injuries and had been immobilized at the bottom of the ravine since Tuesday, August 29th. The exact nature and severity of the injuries have not been disclosed.

Following the rescue, the person was airlifted to a nearby hospital for further medical evaluation and treatment. No additional information regarding their condition has been released so far.

The incident occurred during the Labor Day weekend when many people were traveling. Fortunately, no other injuries were reported in connection with this incident.

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