Near-Record Heat Wave Continues in Washington D.C.

The heat wave in Washington D.C. shows no signs of letting up as temperatures approach 100 degrees, starting on Labor Day. The heat index values may rise into the low 100s, but there could be some relief with more clouds and breezes. While the humidity won’t be oppressive, it will add a few extra degrees to the heat index. However, the chances of rain remain small as drought conditions slowly expand.

Tonight, we can expect warm temperatures with slowly rising humidity. Dew points may reach the upper 60s by dawn with low temperatures around 70 to the mid-70s. Light breezes may provide some relief, and skies will turn cloudier after midnight.

Labor Day is expected to be one of the hottest on record, with high temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s. Moderate humidity will create peak heat indexes in the low 100s. Occasional clouds and northwesterly wind gusts near 20 mph may help us feel a bit less sweaty. There is also a small chance of a cooling late-day thundershower.

Skies will clear overnight, and breezes will reduce. This could lead to a record-warm night, with low temperatures only falling into the low to mid-70s.

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has declared a “Hot Weather Emergency” from today through Thursday. This declaration allows for more cooling centers to open and extends the operating hours of cooling resources. It is advised to stay indoors when possible, especially those who are vulnerable such as young children, the elderly, and those with access and functional needs. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids, but avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks. Pets should be kept indoors with access to water, and it is crucial not to leave them in vehicles. The mayor’s office also encourages checking in on neighbors and wearing appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

The heat and humidity are expected to last into midweek, and updates will be provided.