Teen Arrested for Social Media Threat against Cedar Rapids Schools

Law enforcement authorities have arrested a 14-year-old juvenile in connection with a social media threat made against Cedar Rapids Schools on Monday, October 2nd. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, along with the Cedar Rapids Police Department, worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the community during their investigation.

Dr. Tawana Grover, Superintendent of the Cedar Rapids Community School District, expressed her gratitude for the diligent efforts of the police department, stating that their assistance and resources were crucial in safeguarding the community. She also thanked parents and the community for their cooperation during the investigation, emphasizing the commitment of the district to creating a safe and secure learning environment for students.

While the arrest has brought a sense of relief, authorities have confirmed that elements of the case are still under investigation. As a result, current safety measures implemented by the police will remain in place until Friday, after which they plan to lift them next week.


Q: What was the social media threat?

A: The exact nature of the threat has not been disclosed by authorities.

Q: How were the police and Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation involved?

A: The Cedar Rapids Police Department and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation collaborated to investigate the social media threat.

Q: Was the suspect a student?

A: The arrested individual is a 14-year-old juvenile, but it remains unclear if they were a student at Cedar Rapids Schools.

Q: Are there any ongoing safety concerns?

A: While the arrest has been made, elements of the case are still under investigation, and authorities are being cautious by keeping current safety measures in place until further notice.