Major Accident on M62 Causes Temporary Closure

A major accident on the M62 caused a temporary closure of the motorway in the early hours of Thursday morning. The incident occurred between Bowring Park Road and junction 6 for Huyton, resulting in significant disruption to traffic.

Emergency services, including police, paramedics, and the fire service, quickly responded to the scene. Photographs taken at the crash site show a car flipped onto its roof, with debris scattered across the carriageway. While the nature and extent of injuries are yet to be confirmed, authorities have taken appropriate measures to handle the situation efficiently.

Merseyside Police Contact Centre alerted the public about the incident through their official communication channels. “Please be advised that there is a full road closure on the M62 at Bowring Park to junction 6 and a full closure Westbound from Junction 6 Huyton to Bowring Park. Please find an alternative route.”

However, the good news is that as of the latest update from Merseyside Police, the M62 has reopened following the necessary cleanup and investigation. Commuters are advised to stay updated with local news sources for any further developments regarding the incident.


Q: What caused the accident on the M62?

As of now, the cause of the accident has not been officially confirmed. Authorities are likely conducting an investigation to determine the factors leading to the incident.

Q: Were there any casualties?

Details about injuries or casualties resulting from the accident are currently unknown. It is best to wait for official statements from the authorities regarding any harm caused.

Q: How can I find an alternative route?

If you are planning to travel on the affected section of the M62, it is recommended to consult local traffic news or use navigation applications for alternative route suggestions.

Q: Is the Liverpool ECHO a reliable news source?

The Liverpool ECHO is a reputable local news outlet that covers significant stories from the Liverpool area. It is widely trusted and relied upon by the community.