Home Secretary Faces Backlash Over Criticism of “Woke” Policing

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has come under fire after accusing police forces of prioritizing “politically correct causes” and indulging in an “unacceptable rise” of “woke” policing. Braverman has ordered an investigation into what she perceives as the erosion of public confidence due to these policing practices. However, her comments have sparked controversy, with some senior police leaders criticizing her for potentially promoting discrimination and jeopardizing inclusion.

Paul Fotheringham, President of the Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA), is expected to address the annual PSA conference and express concerns about Braverman’s statements. He will emphasize that the language used by the government is of utmost importance and that positioning the police as political rather than inclusive can lead to discrimination against marginalized communities.

The debate surrounding “woke” policing has intensified recently. Braverman expressed her disapproval of officers taking the knee at Black Lives Matter protests, claiming that it negatively impacted public confidence. She also criticized police forces for labeling themselves as “institutionally racist,” arguing that they should prioritize tackling crime and anti-social behavior instead.

Sir Mark Rowley, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, shares concerns about policing aligning itself with political causes. He believes that engaging with communities and understanding their concerns is important, but aligning with causes should be kept to a minimum.

The Home Secretary’s absence from this year’s PSA conference is notable. However, a senior Cabinet minister is expected to address the attendees.


What is “woke” policing?

“Woke” policing refers to practices adopted by police forces that are perceived as politically partisan or engaging in politically-contested areas. It often encompasses issues related to social justice and equality.

Why has the Home Secretary ordered an investigation into “woke” policing?

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has expressed concerns about the perceived rise of “woke” policing and believes it is eroding public confidence. She wants to address this issue and ensure that police forces focus on their core duties.

Why are senior police leaders critical of the Home Secretary’s comments?

Senior police leaders argue that the Home Secretary’s comments are potentially promoting discrimination and damaging efforts to build trust and confidence in policing, particularly among marginalized communities. They believe that the language used by the government can have a profound impact on perceptions of the police.