National Cinema Day Marred by Panic at Georgia Theater

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning to the public to avoid the AMC Southlake theater in Morrow, Georgia due to a significant police presence in the area. On National Cinema Day, an annual event where movie theaters offer discounted showings, a disturbance occurred at the theater.

According to Morrow Police Major Mark Woodall, an officer patrolling the theater heard what he believed were gunshots and called for backup. This led to panic among moviegoers, with people rushing to exit the theater. Witnesses reported receiving texts and hearing screams about an alleged active shooter, causing fear and chaos.

Woodall worked quickly to evacuate the theater systematically, ensuring the safety of the customers. However, no shell casings were found at the scene, leaving the possibility open that the sound could have been from other sources such as fireworks or a revolver. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

In a troubling coincidence, another theater in the Atlanta area also experienced mass hysteria that same night. Douglasville police reported that a loud noise, mistaken for gunfire, caused panic at the Arbor Place Mall. The Regal Cinema at the mall was evacuated and closed for the remainder of the night.

Authorities are asking anyone with information, photos, or videos of the incident at the AMC Southlake 24 theater to contact [email protected].

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks and challenges that can occur during large gatherings. It highlights the need for preparedness and swift action to ensure public safety.