Virginia Man Arrested at Church with Loaded Weapon

A recent incident in Virginia has brought attention to the importance of community vigilance and prompt police intervention. The Fairfax County police arrested a 35-year-old man, Rui Jiang, who was found inside a church with a loaded semi-automatic pistol along with other dangerous items. The arrest was made after a Maryland woman reported suspicious posts on Instagram, including “vague threats,” made by Jiang.

Fairfax Police Chief Kevin Davis praised the swift action of law enforcement, stating that they had thwarted a diabolical plot to harm churchgoers in Haymarket. The threat against the Park Valley Church was reported by Anne Arundel Police to the Fairfax County police. Vague threats of violence were made in the social media posts, some of which included images of the church.

When police received information about Jiang’s potential residence in Falls Church, they found he was absent from home. However, the investigation led them to the Park Valley Church, where an observant, off-duty, uniformed Prince William County police officer noticed Jiang’s car parked outside. Inside the church, Jiang was identified as a suspicious person and detained after entering through a separate door.

Fortunately, no one was harmed during the incident. Subsequently, police discovered a “disturbing” document at Jiang’s home, referred to as a “kill manifesto.” However, authorities have not disclosed further details about its contents.

Jiang now faces charges of making threats of bodily harm and carrying a dangerous weapon in a place of religious worship. His bond hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning, and it remains unclear whether he has legal representation.

The Prince William County police have urged anyone with information related to this incident to contact them at 703-792-7000.


Q: What items were found on Rui Jiang when he was arrested?
A: Rui Jiang was found inside the church with a loaded semi-automatic pistol, an additional magazine, a folding knife, and a folding “credit card”-style knife.

Q: Were there any injuries during the incident?
A: Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident.

Q: Why was Rui Jiang detained?
A: Rui Jiang was detained after entering the church through a separate door, as he was identified as a suspicious person.

Q: What charges does Rui Jiang face?
A: Rui Jiang is facing charges of making threats of bodily harm and carrying a dangerous weapon in a place of religious worship.