Protest Disrupts Traffic at Minnesota State Fair Gates

A protest took place along Snelling Avenue at the main gates of the Minnesota State Fair, causing a disruption in traffic on Wednesday evening. The protesters arrived at around 7:45 p.m., using vehicles and motorcycles to block the road at Snelling and Midway Parkway.

The exact purpose of the protest remains unclear, but participants were seen carrying signs, and one individual displayed a Black Lives Matter flag. Black Lives Matter Minnesota organized a related gathering called “The Great Justice Get-Together” at Hamline Park in St. Paul, just a short distance down Snelling Avenue. This event is focused on Marcus Golden, who was killed by the St. Paul Police in 2015. In January of this year, the City of St. Paul approved a $1.3 million settlement for Golden’s family.

It is worth noting that this is not the first protest related to Marcus Golden. In 2019, protesters held a rally at Hamline Park and subsequently marched to the state fairgrounds to honor Golden.

The protesters used their vehicles to block traffic in both directions for approximately 40 minutes before eventually dispersing. By 9 p.m., traffic had returned to normal along Snelling Avenue.

In a separate development, following the settlement with Marcus Golden’s family, his mother publicly criticized the St. Paul Police Department for their handling of the shooting death, accusing them of lying about the case. The mother had previously volunteered with the same police department.