Disturbing Scenes Unfold as Pub Altercation Turns Deadly

In a shocking turn of events, a peaceful night in a local pub ended in tragedy when Toby Kelly, accompanied by his girlfriend Shannon Wooden and a friend, David Fairclough, engaged in a violent altercation. The disturbing scenes unfolded at The Bay Horse in Cramlington, Northumberland, as tensions escalated and chaos ensued.

It all began when Kelly knocked over a pile of beer mats, leading to an argument between him and Wooden. Fueled by alcohol and frustration, Wooden retaliated by throwing beer glasses and causing further chaos. Sheldon Flanighan and Wayne Common, described as “old school gents,” intervened to protect an innocent woman from harm.

As the situation escalated, the pub manager called the authorities to report the disturbance. Kelly and his associates moved outside into the car park, with Flanighan and Common following suit. It remains unclear whether their motive was to prevent Kelly from driving under the influence, or to ensure Wooden’s safety.

What followed can only be described as an act of sheer brutality. Ignoring any pleas for reason, Kelly got into his Ford Transit van and proceeded to drive recklessly around the car park, targeting Flanighan and Common. Witnesses attested to the van speeding and abruptly braking, with both victims frantically attempting to evade the vehicle’s path.

Alarmed by the dangerous actions unfolding before him, the pub manager made a frantic call to emergency services, informing them of Kelly’s intent to harm innocent bystanders. Witnesses reported hearing Kelly shout menacing threats, implying that those on the receiving end would never see their families again.

In the blink of an eye, tragedy struck. Wayne Common found himself under the weight of the vehicle, the front wheels appearing to have driven over him. Flanighan suffered catastrophic injuries and tragically lost his life at the scene. Paramedics, arriving swiftly, could do nothing to save him.

The devastating incident not only robbed a hero ambulance worker of his life but also shattered the lives of those close to him. Kelly has since been found guilty of murder and attempted murder, facing a mandatory life sentence. The full extent of his punishment will be determined by the trial judge next week.


Q: What happened at The Bay Horse in Cramlington?

A: An altercation turned deadly when Toby Kelly, accompanied by his girlfriend and a friend, engaged in a violent incident that ultimately resulted in the death of Sheldon Flanighan and severe injuries to Wayne Common.

Q: What led to the altercation?

A: The altercation began after Kelly knocked over a pile of beer mats, leading to a heated argument between him and his girlfriend. It escalated when she started throwing beer glasses, prompting Flanighan and Common to intervene.

Q: Did Kelly intend to harm Flanighan and Common?

A: Witnesses reported Kelly driving a van dangerously and erratically in the pub car park, specifically targeting Flanighan and Common. He allegedly made menacing threats, indicating his intent to harm the victims.

Q: What were the consequences of the incident?

A: Sheldon Flanighan tragically lost his life, while Wayne Common suffered severe injuries. Kelly has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder, facing a mandatory life sentence. The length of his sentence will be determined by the trial judge.