Qatar Airways Expresses Disappointment Over Blocked Flights to Australia

Qatar Airways has expressed disappointment in the Albanese government’s decision to block additional flights to Australia. Despite the airline’s efforts in repatriating stranded citizens and providing essential supplies during the pandemic, the request to double their weekly services was denied by the Australian government.

CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, conveyed his surprise at the decision, stating that it was “very unfair” considering the airline’s support for Australia during the challenging times of the pandemic. He emphasized the airline’s commitment to bringing Australians home and assisting in the transportation of medical supplies and other essential items.

The blocked request for additional Qatar Airways flights has raised concerns among analysts who believe that increased competition would have resulted in lower airfares. However, Transport Minister Catherine King defended the government’s decision, stating that the interests of all parties needed to be carefully evaluated.

An inquiry into the decision to reject Qatar Airways’ request has been scheduled for this week. Government Services Minister Bill Shorten highlighted the complexity of the situation, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive assessment of the national interest before granting additional flights.

Senator Bridget McKenzie, chair of the Senate committee conducting the inquiry, criticized Minister King for failing to disclose the documents behind the decision. The refusal to release advice based on “public interest immunity” has raised concerns and sparked calls for transparency.

While the current situation remains contentious, it is clear that Qatar Airways is disappointed by the decision to block their request for additional flights. The airline’s efforts in supporting Australia during the pandemic have been acknowledged, and the decision raises questions about the future of international flight competition and airfare affordability.


1. Why was the request for additional flights to Australia denied?

The Australian government denied Qatar Airways’ request to double its weekly services due to various factors, including concerns over invasive body searches, reducing emissions, and protecting the national interest.

2. How did Qatar Airways support Australia during the pandemic?

Qatar Airways played a crucial role in repatriating stranded citizens to and from Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also transported essential medical supplies and spare parts when domestic carriers had ceased operations.

3. Will the blocked flights impact airfare prices?

Some analysts believe that the additional Qatar Airways flights would have increased competition and potentially led to lower airfares. However, without the approval of the request, the impact on airfare prices remains uncertain.