President Biden Stands with Israel Against Terrorism

President Biden spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel today, reaffirming his unwavering support for the Israeli government and its people in the face of the recent attacks by Hamas terrorists. While expressing deep sympathy for the victims, the President condemned the hostage-taking by Hamas, emphasizing that terrorism can never be justified. It is essential for all countries to unite against such brutal acts of violence.

During their conversation, President Biden updated Prime Minister Netanyahu on the extensive diplomatic efforts undertaken by the United States in the past 24 hours to support Israel. In addition, the President assured the Prime Minister that additional assistance for the Israeli Defense Forces is en route and will continue to be provided over the next few days.

The leaders also discussed the importance of preventing any adversaries of Israel from exploiting the current situation. It is crucial to send a clear message that Israel is not vulnerable to aggression and will maintain its security.

President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu pledged to maintain regular contact in the days ahead, demonstrating their commitment to standing together against terrorism and working towards peace and stability in the region.

### FAQ

Q: What is the United States doing to support Israel?
A: President Biden has undertaken intensive diplomatic efforts to support Israel, and additional assistance for the Israeli Defense Forces is on its way with more to follow.

Q: What did President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu discuss?
A: They discussed the ongoing hostage situation perpetrated by Hamas terrorists and the need to prevent adversaries from taking advantage of the current situation.

Q: How will the leaders stay in contact?
A: President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu committed to maintaining regular contact over the coming days.