Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert Apologizes for Vaping Incident at Theater

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has issued an apology after being removed from a musical in Colorado due to disruptive behavior and initially denying allegations that she had been vaping. The apology followed the release of surveillance footage showing Boebert vaping in her seat at a Denver theater.

Boebert’s campaign initially refuted the theater’s claims, but the recently emerged video evidence contradicted their denial. In a statement released on Friday, Boebert expressed remorse, stating that her actions were not intended to be malicious but acknowledging that they had caused harm.

According to reports, Boebert and another guest were engaging in disruptive behavior during the performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical. Complaints from members of the audience prompted theater staff to remove them from the venue. The surveillance footage captured Boebert putting her hand to her mouth and exhaling vapor while the lights were still on. Additionally, she was seen dancing in her seat and using her phone, potentially taking photos of herself during the show.

Just two days after the incident, Boebert admitted to her enjoyment of the musical on social media, confessing to laughter and singing being too loud. She also attributed her behavior to the stress of going through a divorce and acknowledged its inappropriateness.

Boebert, who represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, has gained national attention for her assertive style and alignment with the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. Notably, she made headlines for heckling President Joe Biden during his 2022 State of the Union address. Her second term in office primarily represents the western half of the state.

The city-owned Buell Theater, where the incident took place, did not explicitly name Boebert when sharing the surveillance footage revealing her removal from the venue.