Multiple Residential Fires in Westaskiwin Contained

Update: As of Sunday afternoon, the fires in Westaskiwin have been contained, according to police. While some residents have been allowed to return home, others are still under evacuation orders due to the spread of fires caused by high winds.

Initially starting in the garage of one home, the fires quickly spread to two other homes and beyond. The affected areas included 46th Avenue, between 54th Street and 55th Street. However, the fires expanded to encompass 45th, 46th, and 47th Avenue, as well as 55A and 55th Streets.

Both the police and fire crews responded promptly to the emergency. The Wetaskiwin Fire Department took charge of containing the fires, with additional assistance from crews in nearby regions such as Maskwacis and Leduc.

Officials urged the public to avoid the affected area for safety reasons. Evacuations had already taken place, and if necessary, officers were prepared to conduct door-to-door evacuations.

The containment efforts led to the successful control of the fires, marking an important milestone in protecting the affected neighborhoods. The collaboration between emergency response teams played a vital role in minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of residents.


1. What caused the fires in Westaskiwin?

The fires in Westaskiwin were caused by high winds. However, the exact source of the initial fire in the garage is yet to be determined.

2. Are all residents allowed to return home?

While some residents have been permitted to return home following the containment of the fires, others are still under evacuation orders due to safety concerns.

3. How did emergency crews respond to the fires?

Both the police and fire crews swiftly responded to the fires. The Wetaskiwin Fire Department led the efforts to contain the fires, while additional assistance was provided by crews from nearby regions.

4. Were there any reported injuries or casualties?

The article did not mention any injuries or casualties resulting from the fires in Westaskiwin.