Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita Faces Disciplinary Complaint

The Indiana Supreme Court’s disciplinary commission has filed a complaint against Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, alleging a violation of professional conduct. The complaint is in relation to statements made by Rokita in 2022 regarding a case involving a 10-year-old Ohio girl seeking an abortion in Indiana and the doctor who performed the procedure.

The complaint specifically points to Rokita’s statements about obstetrician-gynecologist Caitlin Bernard on a Fox News show hosted by Jesse Watters. Rokita referred to Bernard as an “abortion activist acting as a doctor — with a history of failure to report.” The commission alleges that Rokita violated professional conduct rules with these statements.

Additionally, the complaint accuses Rokita of violating confidentiality requirements by discussing an investigation into Bernard prior to filing a complaint with the Medical Licensing Board. Rokita has stated that he plans to respond to the commission’s complaint and believes that it stemmed from grievances referenced in media reports.

The complaint requests that Rokita be disciplined for professional misconduct and pay required expenses. The disciplinary commission’s complaint process will now proceed, and a “trial-like” proceeding will take place allowing both parties to present their views on the charges. The Indiana Supreme Court justices will ultimately determine if there was misconduct and what discipline is necessary.

Possible sanctions can range from private or public reprimands to suspension from practice or permanent disbarment. It is worth noting that Rokita recently filed a lawsuit against IU Health for allegedly violating privacy laws, and earlier this year, the state’s medical licensing board found Bernard in violation of privacy laws regarding the handling of the abortion patient’s information.

Rokita is not the only attorney general currently facing legal procedures, as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently went through a similar process and was acquitted. Rokita criticized Paxton’s proceedings, calling them a “sham impeachment” and a waste of time and taxpayer money.

Updates and further developments on this story will be provided in due course.