A Rollercoaster That Crashed into a Woman at Melbourne Royal Show to Return Despite Ongoing Investigations

A rollercoaster incident took place at the Melbourne Royal Show last year that left a woman severely injured. Despite ongoing investigations into the operators of the ride, it has been announced that the rollercoaster, called the Rebel Coaster, will return to the carnival in 2023.

During the incident, the woman, Shylah Rodden, who was working at the Royal Show at the time, was struck by the carriage of the Rebel Coaster, which was traveling at 70km/h. The collision launched her nine meters into the air, causing life-threatening injuries, including severe brain damage and injuries to her head, pelvis, arms, leg, and back.

The Rebel Coaster, described as a speedy and action-packed ride, will be open to the public at the Melbourne Royal Show for a fee of $15. The ride is available for individuals aged six and above, as long as they meet a minimum height requirement of 130cm.

Although the investigation into the ride operators is still ongoing, WorkSafe Victoria has not disclosed any information about the progress or potential charges. However, it has been reported that a team of engineers will inspect all rides operating at this year’s show before it opens.

In response to the incident, additional CCTV cameras have been installed across the carnival site to enhance coverage and footage. The safety and operations of all rides have undergone thorough review in collaboration with ride operators, authorities, WorkSafe, and independent engineers.

The incident was captured in a graphic video uploaded to TikTok by a bystander who happened to be recording the ride. It is understood that Ms. Rodden entered the Rebel Coaster track to retrieve her dropped phone, which she lost during a ride while on a break from work.

Last known update on Ms. Rodden’s health status was in January, when she was discharged from Royal Melbourne Hospital and transferred to another healthcare facility for ongoing rehabilitation.

The family of Shylah Rodden has chosen to remain out of the public eye since the incident occurred last year.