New Hungry Ambassadors: Delivering Meals, Saving Lives

Royal Perth Hospital’s helicopter pad glowed with a vibrant green hue last night, symbolizing solidarity with St John WA after the devastating loss of one of their esteemed critical care paramedics. Tinesh Tamilkodi, a compassionate health professional who dedicated his life to helping others, tragically lost his own life in a car accident while rushing to an emergency call on Tuesday.

In the darkness of the night, as Tamilkodi raced towards his destination in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs, his specialized vehicle veered off course and collided. Stranded at the intersection of Armadale and Anstey roads in Forrestdale, the paramedic’s colleagues in a nearby St John ambulance valiantly rushed to his aid. However, despite their courageous efforts, Tamilkodi passed away at the scene – the first paramedic to lose his life on duty in Western Australia.

To honor the memory of this selfless hero, the East Metropolitan Health Service illuminated Royal Perth Hospital’s helicopter pad in a vibrant shade of green. With heavy hearts, the community mourns the loss of this dedicated public servant. Meanwhile, flags at St John WA’s head office in Belmont were lowered to half-mast as a mark of respect.

Tamilkodi was not only a clinical support paramedic, but also a crucial part of the State Operations call center. In addition to attending complex and severe emergencies, he provided assistance to triple-0 callers and offered guidance to paramedics on site. His beloved family released a poignant statement that shed light on his character and unwavering commitment to his profession.

“Our son and brother Tinesh always dreamed of being a paramedic and helping those who needed it most,” they shared. “Earlier this year, he achieved his dream job milestone of 10 years. We are devastated by this loss. Western Australia has not only lost a beloved family member but also a dedicated servant who saved lives every single day.”

As we reflect on Tamilkodi’s immeasurable contributions, let us acknowledge the remarkable men and women who continue to serve as hungry ambassadors of compassion and care. Their unwavering dedication ensures that no matter the circumstances, lives are saved, and hope is restored.


Q: What is St John WA?

A: St John WA is a prominent medical and emergency services organization based in Western Australia, dedicated to saving lives and providing critical care in times of need.

Q: What is a critical care paramedic?

A: A critical care paramedic is a highly trained medical professional who specializes in providing advanced life support and critical care treatment to patients in emergency situations.

Q: What does it mean to lower flags to half-mast?

A: Lowering flags to half-mast is a traditional sign of mourning and respect, often done to honor the passing of an esteemed individual or to commemorate a tragic event.