Two Rescued Polar Bears Find New Home in Calgary

After being orphaned and found wandering near Churchill, two polar bears named Baffin and Siku are bidding farewell to the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg and embarking on an exciting journey to their new home out west.

Baffin and Siku, who were both under a year old when they were rescued, captured the hearts of zookeepers and visitors alike. Brianne Fast, an animal care professional at the zoo, recalled how Siku arrived as the tiniest bear they had ever seen, weighing around 80 lbs and in dire need of nourishment. Over time, Siku transformed into an outgoing and affectionate bear, cherishing any attention he received from humans.

Their upcoming relocation to the Calgary Zoo is a mix of emotions for everyone involved. Fast expressed both sadness and excitement, explaining that while it is difficult to say goodbye, the new facility offers incredible opportunities for one-on-one interaction and training sessions that the bears couldn’t have in their previous large group environment.

The Calgary Zoo has invested in constructing a dedicated space for Baffin and Siku, marking the return of polar bears to Calgary after a two-decade absence. The facility has been specially designed to ensure the bears’ well-being and provide a comfortable home for them.

To commemorate their departure, the Assiniboine Park Zoo organized a farewell party, allowing visitors to bid adieu to the beloved polar bears. The event served as a reminder of the impact Baffin and Siku had on the community during their time in Winnipeg.

Calgarians eagerly await the opening of the new exhibit in December. Baffin and Siku’s presence in Calgary will not only captivate and educate zoo visitors but also highlight the importance of conservation efforts and the welfare of these magnificent creatures.


1. Where were Baffin and Siku found?

Baffin and Siku were rescued near Churchill, Canada when they were orphaned before their first birthday.

2. What made Siku special when he arrived at the Assiniboine Park Zoo?

Upon arrival, Siku was the smallest bear ever taken in, weighing only around 80 lbs and in a weakened condition.

3. What is the reason for their move to Calgary?

Baffin and Siku are moving to Calgary to be part of a new polar bear exhibit at the Calgary Zoo, allowing for enhanced one-on-one interactions and training sessions.

4. When will the new Calgary exhibit open to the public?

The new exhibit featuring Baffin and Siku is scheduled to open in December.