Sadiq Khan’s Taxpayer-funded Range Rover Exempt from ULEZ Charge

Starting from August 29th, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge will be applicable to all boroughs in London. However, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will not have to pay this fee for his 2020 Range Rover, thanks to its special status.

Sadiq Khan’s Range Rover model is known as the Sentinel, which is not only luxurious but also bulletproof. Powered by a five-litre engine, this vehicle falls under the exemption criteria for the ULEZ charge.

The ULEZ charge, amounting to £12.50 per day, is designed to discourage high-pollution vehicles from entering central London in an effort to improve the city’s air quality. However, the Range Rover Sentinel meets the necessary emissions standards and hence, is exempt from this fee.

While the ULEZ charge aims to reduce pollution, the Range Rover Sentinel provides additional security to the Mayor of London, ensuring his safety during travel. Its bulletproof features guarantee protection against potential threats, making it an ideal choice for high-profile figures like Sadiq Khan.

The exemption granted to the Mayor’s Range Rover has sparked some debate and criticism. Some argue that the exemption contradicts the purpose of the ULEZ charge, as it allows a high-polluting vehicle to roam the streets without financial consequences.

Nevertheless, Sadiq Khan’s luxury Range Rover Sentinel remains exempt from the ULEZ charge, highlighting the special allowances given to certain vehicles with unique capabilities and functions.

As the ULEZ charge expands across all boroughs of London, it will be interesting to see how this exemption for high-profile figures is perceived by the public and whether modifications or further discussions on the criteria for exemption will arise in the future.