San Antonio ISD Proposes Closing 19 Schools in “Rightsizing” Plan

San Antonio ISD staff has proposed the closure of 19 schools in the district as part of its “rightsizing” plan. The closures are part of the initial recommendations made by the staff.

The following schools are intended to be closed under the proposal: Lamar Elementary School, Pershing Elementary School, Carroll ECC, Douglass Elementary School, Gates Elementary School, Miller Elementary School, Forbes Elementary School, Foster Elementary School, Highland Park Elementary School, Collins Garden Elementary School, Lowell Middle School, Riverside Park, Ogden Elementary School, Storm Elementary School, Baskin Elementary School, Huppertz Elementary School, Nelson ECC.

Out of the 19 schools, 17 would close in the 2024-2025 school year, while the remaining two would close in the following year due to renovations at schools that would accommodate relocated students.

In addition to the closures, the staff’s recommendation packages include plans to redesign, relocate, co-locate, or merge several other school buildings in the upcoming years. These plans also outline the process of relocating students and teachers.

Other recommendations in the package include three school mergers, two grade reconfigurations, one relocation, and one co-location. This would result in 23 campuses having relocated individuals.

The final recommendation package will be voted upon by the school board on Monday, November 13, after an additional round of community input.

Parents can access the proposed recommendation package and find dates for the second round of meetings on the district’s website.