Stepmother of Sara Sharif Speaks Out, Family Willing to Cooperate with Authorities

The stepmother of 10-year-old Sara Sharif, who was found dead at her home in Woking last month, has released a video statement through Sky News, expressing the family’s willingness to cooperate with British authorities and fight their case in court. The police are seeking to speak with Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, his partner Beinash Batool, and his brother Faisal Shahzad Malik, all of whom are believed to have traveled to Pakistan from the UK on the day before Sara’s body was discovered.

In the video, Ms. Batool denies media reports that Sara fell down the stairs, stating that the family has gone into hiding and her safety, along with that of her husband’s brother, Imran, is a concern. She claims that the media has been spreading misinformation and lies about their situation. Ms. Batool expresses worry about the family’s safety, noting that they are unable to leave their home and are running out of food.

Furthermore, Ms. Batool emphasizes that all family members are scared for their safety and unable to attend school or go outside. She reiterates the family’s willingness to cooperate with UK authorities and fight their case in court.

A post-mortem examination conducted earlier revealed that Sara had suffered multiple and extensive injuries over a sustained period of time. The exact cause of her death is yet to be determined, but it is believed to be unnatural. Sara had previous involvement with authorities, as stated by Surrey County Council, and Surrey Police had limited and historic contact with her family.

The investigation into Sara Sharif’s death is ongoing, and the police are continuing their efforts to speak with her father, stepmother, and uncle, who are currently in Pakistan.