Toronto Councillors Request Smaller Signs for Drinking in Parks Pilot Project

Two Toronto councillors have written a letter to the acting general manager of parks, forestry, and recreation, expressing their support for the city’s drinking in parks pilot project but asking for the size of the signs to be toned down. Ward 14 Coun. Paula Fletcher and Ward 9 Coun. Alejandra Bravo, in their letter, described the current signs as “too big and unsightly.”

The debate on whether to allow drinking in all city parks has been ongoing for years. However, a new approach was proposed earlier this year – a pilot program that permits alcohol consumption in certain parks from August 2 to October 9. Signs were posted in these parks to announce the project and inform people about prohibited drinking zones near playgrounds and wading pools. The signs also urged individuals to be considerate of others.

In their letter, Fletcher and Bravo suggested using smaller signs specifically around playgrounds. They believe that most park visitors will consume their drinks responsibly and respectfully without the need for excessive signage.

The city has welcomed this feedback and confirmed that alternative design options are being explored. New signage will be installed in selected pilot locations identified by ward Councillors in the upcoming week. The city also emphasized the importance of public education, communication, and feedback in improving the temporary pilot program.

Overall, the councillors’ request for smaller signs aims to maintain the aesthetics of the parks while still effectively communicating the guidelines of the drinking in parks pilot project.