CBC’s Commitment to Accessibility

CBC is committed to ensuring that its products are accessible to all individuals in Canada, irrespective of their visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive abilities. In pursuit of this goal, CBC offers a range of accessibility features, including Closed Captioning and Described Video, to enhance the viewing experience for people facing various challenges.

With the availability of Closed Captioning, many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem can be enjoyed by people with hearing impairments. This feature provides text captions that accompany the audio, allowing viewers to read the dialogue and sounds while watching the show. Closed Captioning helps individuals with hearing disabilities to fully engage with the content and follow the storyline.

Additionally, CBC provides Described Video for select shows on CBC Gem. Described Video offers an audio description of visual elements in a program, including actions, gestures, scene changes, and other important details. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who are blind or have visual impairments, as it enables them to comprehend and enjoy the visual aspects of a show through the audio description.

CBC recognizes the importance of accessibility and aims to continually improve its products in response to user feedback. The organization welcomes comments, suggestions, and concerns regarding accessibility, as this enables them to address any gaps or limitations in their services. Feedback from individuals with disabilities plays a vital role in CBC’s efforts to enhance accessibility and ensure an inclusive viewing experience for all Canadians.

In conclusion, CBC is dedicated to making its content accessible to everyone in Canada. Through features like Closed Captioning and Described Video on CBC Gem, the organization aims to ensure that individuals with visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive challenges can fully enjoy their programming. CBC encourages feedback from users to further enhance its accessibility initiatives and provide an inclusive entertainment platform.