Scots Gran Warns About Fraudster Posing as Ukrainian Child in Bank Scam

A Scottish grandmother, Ann Kelsey Walker, has issued a warning after being targeted by a fraudster in a sick bank scam. Ann had contacted what she thought was an Air Transat Facebook page to claim a refund for an extra suitcase she had paid for during a trip to Canada. However, she became suspicious when the person she was speaking to asked for verification of her payment details, leading her to realize that it was a scam.

The scammer then tried to convince Ann that he was a Ukrainian child in need of help after she confronted him. He claimed that both his parents had died in the Russian-Ukrainian war and that he had to take care of his younger siblings. He asked Ann for her bank details and even sent her photographs of alleged Ukrainian children who he claimed were his siblings. However, Ann discovered that the images were generic pictures of children taken from the internet, confirming that it was indeed a scam.

Ann urges others to be cautious of this scam and warns that the fake Air Transat Facebook page appeared legitimate with a logo and all. Air Transat confirmed that they are not affiliated with the page and advised people to be cautious of scam accounts on social media, emphasizing that they will never ask for personal or financial information through these platforms. They advised victims of fraud to contact their local authorities.

It is important for individuals to stay vigilant and verify the authenticity of any communication asking for personal or financial information to avoid falling victim to scams like this.