Missing Woman from Saik’uz First Nation: Community Rallies in Search Efforts

Police and search and rescue teams are intensifying their efforts to locate Chelsey Amanda Quaw, a 29-year-old woman who mysteriously disappeared from the Saik’uz First Nation reserve in central British Columbia over two days ago. Quaw was last seen leaving a residence on the reserve in the early hours of Wednesday morning, prompting immediate concern among her family and friends.

Known for being a tight-knit and caring community, the Saik’uz First Nation has come together to support Quaw’s loved ones during this distressing time. The unexplained nature of her disappearance has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many unsettled. Quaw’s aunt, Tamara DeLong, expressed the prevailing anxiety, stating, “We’re all just kind of hanging on here. It’s a very scary situation to be in. It’s so not like her to just be gone.”

Quaw recently relocated to Saik’uz, joining her father and siblings after living in Houston, B.C. for some time. Accounts from family members indicate that she walked away from her father’s home, supposedly just to have a cigarette, but never returned. DeLong revealed that her father is perplexed as to where Quaw could have gone within the community since she rarely ventured out.

Since Quaw was reported missing, search and rescue crews have conducted extensive searches throughout the dense woods surrounding the reserve. Despite utilizing advanced technologies such as drones and a helicopter equipped with an infrared camera, no trace of her has been found thus far.

Chelsey Amanda Quaw is described as an Indigenous woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She stands at five feet, ten inches tall and weighs approximately 120 pounds. It is believed that she may be wearing blue jeans and a purple winter jacket.

If you have any information regarding Chelsey Quaw’s whereabouts, please contact the Vanderhoof RCMP at 250-567-2222. Your help could play a vital role in reuniting Quaw with her worried family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How long has Chelsey Amanda Quaw been missing?
    Chelsey Amanda Quaw has been missing from the Saik’uz First Nation reserve for over two days.
  2. What prompted concerns about Quaw’s well-being?
    Quaw’s family and friends are concerned as her actions are considered out of character.
  3. Where did Quaw move from before coming to Saik’uz?
    Before relocating to Saik’uz, Quaw had been living in Houston, B.C.
  4. What efforts have been made to locate Quaw?
    Search and rescue crews have conducted extensive searches, employing drones and an infrared camera-equipped helicopter.
  5. How can I provide information about Quaw’s disappearance?
    If you have any information about Chelsey Quaw or her whereabouts, please contact the Vanderhoof RCMP at 250-567-2222.