New Article: Boston Common Rally Stands in Solidarity with Israel

On Monday, hundreds of people gathered at Boston Common for a statewide rally in solidarity with Israel. State and local politicians attended the event and were applauded for their condemnation of the recent attacks against Israel by Hamas, which were deemed “acts of terror.” While some politicians faced criticism when calling for a de-escalation of violence, others received a warm reception for expressing their unwavering support for Israel.

Senator Edward J. Markey faced boos from the audience when he suggested toning down the violence. However, he began his remarks by emphasizing Israel’s right to live free from fear and violence and denounced the heinous attacks committed by Hamas. Markey also acknowledged the importance of diplomacy and ending civilian casualties on all sides.

Governor Maura Healey expressed her condolences to those affected by the attacks and reaffirmed Massachusetts’ unwavering support for Israel. Other politicians, community leaders, and student leaders also took turns at the microphone to share personal stories and highlight the gravity of the situation.

It is clear that this rally was not just a distant display of solidarity. Attendees understand the importance of voicing their support for Israel and letting the world know that they stand united. As one participant put it, “Our voice needs to be heard.”

The event also sparked discussions about the complex nature of the conflict. While there were calls for a forceful response to the attacks, some participants acknowledged the challenges of striking a balance between deterring future attacks and avoiding escalating the situation further.

Rachel Klevan, an elementary school teacher from Newton, attended the rally in tribute to her brother who is serving in the Israeli army. She expressed her concern, stating, “The scale and style of this attack is really shocking. I feel that it is time to have a massive response, but at the same time, I don’t know how you don’t respond.”

The rally at Boston Common demonstrated the city’s long-standing tradition of gathering to voice objection and dissent. The diverse range of participants reflected the deep connection between Boston and Israel, which extends beyond geographical distance.

By coming together and standing in solidarity, attendees aimed to send a clear message of support to Israel, emphasizing the importance of justice, security, and peace.


1. What was the purpose of the rally at Boston Common?

The rally aimed to show solidarity with Israel and condemn the recent attacks by Hamas.

2. How did the politicians’ statements differ at the rally?

While some politicians received applause for expressing unwavering support for Israel, others faced criticism when they called for toning down the violence.

3. Why did Senator Edward J. Markey face boos from the audience?

Markey faced criticism when he called for a de-escalation of violence, as some attendees believed a forceful response was necessary.

4. What did Governor Maura Healey emphasize in her remarks?

Governor Healey expressed her condolences and reaffirmed Massachusetts’ unwavering support for Israel.

5. What was the significance of the rally?

The rally highlighted the personal connections individuals have with the conflict and aimed to make their voices heard in support of Israel.