Ted Hui, a Hong Kong Lawyer, Fights for Freedom in Australia

Ted Hui, a former Hong Kong legislator and now one of South Australia’s newest lawyers, has become one of Australia’s most-convicted legal practitioners. Hui fled from Beijing’s crackdown on dissent in Hong Kong and sought refuge in Australia. China imposed a national security law in Hong Kong in June 2020, targeting journalists, lawyers, democracy activists, and members of the Legislative Council.

Hui, sentenced in exile for contempt of court and misconduct, faces imprisonment if he returns to Hong Kong while under Beijing’s rule. Hong Kong police have offered bounties for information leading to his arrest, as well as the arrest of his fellow democracy campaigners.

Despite the risks, Hui is determined to go back to Hong Kong and see it free. He stated that it is more than just a goal for him; it is a pledge he made to himself. Hui is confident that one day he will be able to return to a free Hong Kong.

In the past, Hui and other activists tried negotiating with Beijing using peaceful means such as protests and civil disobedience. However, he now believes that those methods are ineffective. Hui firmly believes that the Chinese Communist Party must step down from power for Hong Kong to achieve freedom. He sees it as the only way forward.

Recently, Hui was admitted to South Australia’s Supreme Court as a barrister and solicitor, which is seen as an important step in his journey. His long-term goal is to focus on human rights and international human rights law to hold the Hong Kong regime accountable for its human rights abuses.

Hui also plans to help Hong Kong in practical ways with his legal qualifications. He can provide legal assistance to those seeking political asylum from Hong Kong and help them draft necessary documents. He also believes that the Australian government can support Hong Kong by strengthening its statements on human rights abuses.

Hui urged Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not to join the string of world leaders who have visited Beijing and to prioritize human rights and Hong Kong when engaging with China. Hui’s family feels welcome and safe in Australia, and he is grateful for the support he has received.