Villagers Stunned by Disturbing Sight of Dead Pheasants in Yalding

Residents of Yalding, a picturesque village near Maidstone, were left in shock when they discovered multiple dead pheasants scattered on the streets and cars. The upsetting scenes, believed to be the work of poachers, left the community unsettled and concerned about animal cruelty.

One local resident, Mandy Dunn, came across a lifeless pheasant on the windscreen of her car while setting out for a morning walk with her dog. Unable to comprehend the actions of those responsible, Dunn expressed her distress, stating, “As an animal lover, it was an unpleasant experience. Someone obviously thought it was a fun thing to do.”

Similar incidents were reported in various locations across the village, with approximately four pheasant carcasses discovered. The birds all exhibited puncture wounds and there appeared to be no purpose behind their disposal, suggesting criminal intent. The Rural Task Force WhatsApp group, utilized by villagers to report incidents to the police, brought attention to the matter. Law enforcement acknowledged the likelihood of poaching activity, expressing their concern that these actions were undoubtedly criminal.

The incident not only alarmed the community but also raised questions about the safety of wildlife in rural areas, where acts of cruelty can often go undetected. The fact that the pheasants were discarded in a town surrounded by country roads only added to the distress.

Thankfully, the authorities have removed the deceased birds, but the incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased vigilance in protecting wildlife from unlawful activities. The community hopes that the police investigation will yield information and ultimately lead to the identification and prosecution of those responsible for this heartless act.


Q: What did the villagers find in Yalding?
A: Villagers found dead pheasants strewn on the street and on cars.

Q: What is believed to be the cause of this incident?
A: Poachers are believed to be responsible for the dead pheasants.

Q: Were authorities notified about the incident?
A: Yes, residents reported the incident to the police via the Rural Task Force WhatsApp group.