The Commonwealth Games Could Be Postponed Until 2027, Australian Host Sought

The Commonwealth Games may be delayed by a year in order to find an Australian host and salvage the event, following the cancellation by the state of Victoria. Commonwealth Games Australia has revealed that organisers are working on finding a solution for the event. The Commonwealth Games Federation is open to the idea of postponing the games until 2027, allowing more time for preparation. The exact format of the event is still to be determined; it could be a scaled-back version or a co-hosting arrangement with another country, such as New Zealand. The priority is to ensure that the games align with the host’s capabilities. Commonwealth Games Australia is focused on providing games for its athletes and is committed to accepting whatever final solution is reached. A decision is expected to be made by November during the Commonwealth Games general assembly in Singapore.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced in July that Victoria would no longer be hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games due to the estimated costs of up to $7 billion. As part of a compensation agreement, the state will provide $380 million to the organisers. Commonwealth Games Australia is actively seeking a new host and hopes to secure one before November.

There have been criticisms of the organising committee for its lack of urgency and engagement. The committee has yet to meet with federal ministers or the premiers of potential hosts, Queensland and Western Australia. However, Commonwealth Games Australia CEO Craig Phillips assured that despite appearances, there is a sense of urgency. The committee wants to ensure they are fully prepared and ready to find a solution. While the cancellation of the games is a result of decisions made by the Victorian government, it is seen as a national problem for Australia as a whole.

Overall, the goal is to salvage the Commonwealth Games and find a suitable Australian host. Whether the event is postponed until 2027 or takes a different format, the focus remains on delivering a satisfactory outcome for the athletes.