Warning Issued to Visitors of Birling Gap about Cliff Dangers

Visitors to Birling Gap were spotted taking photos of the scenic view and themselves on a sunny day. However, many seem to be unaware of the dangers of standing too close to the edge of the cliffs. As a result, East Sussex County Council, in collaboration with the National Trust and Sussex Wildlife Trust, among others, has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the unstable cliffs.

Councillor Claire Dowling, the lead member for transport and environment at East Sussex County Council, expressed gratitude for the beautiful coastline that attracts visitors from all over. However, she also emphasized the inherent instability of the cliffs, which frequently experience chalk falls. Visitors are urged to exercise caution when on top of the cliffs or on the beach below to avoid any potential risks.

Additionally, people are advised to be mindful of the tide times to prevent being stranded by the incoming tide or being forced to walk too close to the base of the cliffs due to rising sea water. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that people can enjoy the stunning surroundings of East Sussex while prioritizing their safety.

It is important for everyone to understand the potential dangers associated with standing too close to the cliff edges. By raising awareness and promoting responsible behavior, the campaign aims to minimize the risks and encourage visitors to enjoy the beauty of Birling Gap safely.