Teenagers Allegedly Smash into Businesses in Queensland

A group of teenagers is currently on the run after reportedly breaking into two businesses in Queensland early on Tuesday morning. The incident occurred at Ultimate Motorbikes in Springwood, where the teens allegedly rammed a ute through the front of the store in an attempt to steal two motorbikes. They were successful in taking one of the motorbikes.

Prior to this, the same group allegedly broke into an IGA store in Daisy Hill, where they managed to steal cigarettes. The two incidents occurred within a span of ten minutes.

It has been revealed that the ute used in the store break-ins was stolen from a home in Varsity Lakes the previous night. The owner of Ultimate Motorbikes expressed his devastation regarding the incident, estimating that the cost of repairs would amount to thousands of dollars.

Police are currently in pursuit of the alleged criminals, as they continue to evade capture.