A Refreshing Change in Weather for Upstate New York

After basking in warm temperatures for the past few days, residents of Upstate New York can expect a significant shift in weather patterns. While the mercury has climbed into the 70s recently, brace yourselves for a chilly change!

The city of Rochester experienced a high of 69 degrees, just shy of 70. This change came alongside the passage of a cold front, which brought some much-needed rain to the region. Officially, Rochester received 0.12 inches of precipitation. But don’t put those umbrellas away just yet, as another weather system is set to sweep in overnight, promising another round of widespread rainfall.

Sunday and Sunday night will see varying rainfall amounts, ranging from 1/4 inch near Lake Ontario to as much as 3/4 inch in the Southern Tier. The wet weather will persist into Monday, thanks to a second, albeit weaker, storm system. However, rainfall on Monday is expected to stay mostly below 1/4 inch for most areas.

But that’s not all. As we head into Monday night and Tuesday, even more changes are on the horizon. The cooler air will create conditions favorable for some lake-effect rain showers. This can lead to localized areas experiencing heavier precipitation. The upper atmosphere will also be dominated by a large trough of low pressure, which will keep temperatures significantly below normal for the first half of the week.

As a result, scattered showers are likely to linger on Tuesday and even into the early hours of Wednesday morning. It’s wise to keep an eye on the forecast during this time, and luckily, the 13WHAM Weather App can provide you with all the necessary updates. With features like local radar and the hour-by-hour forecast, you can stay ahead during this weather transition.

So, prepare for a refreshing change in weather as the warm spell gives way to cooler temperatures, rain showers, and a touch of summer’s departure. Embrace the shift and savor the diversity of Upstate New York’s climate!


Q: Will it rain in Upstate New York?

A: Yes, there are chances of rainfall in the region, with varying amounts expected depending on the location.

Q: How long will the cool weather last?

A: The first half of next week is expected to have temperatures well below normal until a potential warm-up later.

Q: How can I stay updated on the weather changes?

A: You can download the 13WHAM Weather App that provides local radar and hour-by-hour forecasts to help you track the weather.