Driver of Suspected Stolen Car Arrested after Ramming Police Vehicles

In a recent incident in Greater Manchester, the driver of a suspected stolen car was apprehended by the police after ramming their vehicles in an attempt to escape. The car, identified as a gold Lexus RX450h, was believed to have been stolen in Worsley, Salford.

Officers from the Greater Manchester Police’s roads policing unit (RPU) pursued the car after spotting it on the M60. Despite their attempts to stop the vehicle, the driver refused to comply. Eventually, the police managed to bring the car to a halt using a stinger, which resulted in one of the car’s front tires going completely flat. The car came to a stop on a pavement.

The driver and the two other occupants of the car attempted to flee by ramming the Lexus into the police vehicles. However, the police successfully arrested all three individuals, who are currently in custody. The police spokesperson mentioned that the stolen car was recovered following a burglary in Worsley, and the RPU team took action on the M60 with the deployment of a stinger.

This incident highlights the efforts of the Greater Manchester Police in cracking down on car theft and apprehending suspects. The arrest of the driver and his accomplices serves as a reminder that such actions will not go unpunished. The police have been utilizing various techniques and resources to combat car theft and promote public safety.