The Devastating Impact of Storm Babet on Invergowrie

Residents of Invergowrie faced a harrowing ordeal as they were forced to evacuate their homes due to severe flooding caused by Storm Babet. The coastguard team from Cumbria valiantly came to the rescue of those stranded in the flood-hit houses, ensuring their safety amidst the chaos.

In response to the dire situation, a rest center was swiftly established at Peter Arbuckle Place Sheltered Housing. As the streets in Invergowrie were submerged in floodwater, the council took to social media, urging those in need to make their way to the center and ensure they bring essential items with them.

While the initial uptake in the morning was relatively low, by noon, residents began evacuating their homes in search of safer grounds. One resident, Steve Shephard, attempted to rescue his mother-in-law in Boniface Road using a boat. However, the rising floodwater proved treacherous, forcing him to wait for the timely arrival of the coastguard team.

The extent of the flooding left residents astounded. With water levels reaching up to windows and even surpassing three feet in some households, the situation became increasingly dire and overwhelming. Cars were also completely submerged, further contributing to the sense of devastation.

Considering the severity of the flooding, one resident described it as “the worst I’ve ever seen it.” The impact of the floodwaters on the community was visible in the images capturing the heartbreaking scenes throughout Invergowrie.

For those requiring assistance in reaching the rest center, the council provided a helpline number (01738 476476) and instructed residents to seek help from any on-site officer in Invergowrie.

Q: What caused the flooding in Invergowrie?
A: The severe flooding in Invergowrie was caused by the effects of Storm Babet.

Q: What measures were taken to assist the residents?
A: A rest center was set up at Peter Arbuckle Place Sheltered Housing, and the coastguard team from Cumbria conducted rescues to ensure the safety of the residents.

Q: How can residents seek assistance?
A: Residents can call the council helpline number (01738 476476) or approach any on-site officer in Invergowrie for assistance.