Australian Council Secretly Discusses $100 Million Aboriginal Land Claim

A Sydney council, Mosman Council, is scheduled to hold a meeting to confidentially discuss an Aboriginal Land Claim request for a valuable block of land. The specific area for the claim has not been disclosed due to its nature and location of Aboriginal significance on community land.

The confidential land request is said to pertain to a 4000-square-meter block of land located behind the Esplanade, opposite the playground at Balmoral Beach and the Boathouse restaurant. The land in question is described as grass and bushland between Botanic Road and Plunkett Road, where the Balmoral Tramway cutting is.

Two real estate agents have estimated the value of the land to be at least $100 million. However, it is unclear what the implications of the Aboriginal Land Claim would be for the block of land. It is uncertain whether it would be developed or preserved as a part of the First Nations history.

Efforts have been made to contact the Aboriginal Land Council for further information, but they have not responded at this time.