Massachusetts Thunderstorms Leave Thousands Without Power

Tens of thousands of people in Massachusetts are facing power outages due to severe thunderstorms that struck the state on Friday. According to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), around 39,113 customers from the state’s four power companies were still without electricity as of Saturday morning.

The majority of the outages, approximately 26,237, were concentrated in Essex County. In Andover, 77% of the town’s electricity users were left without power. The storm caused significant damage, with reports of live wires strewn across streets and sidewalks, making several major roads impassable.

Authorities have urged residents to limit their driving and walking to essential trips only, emphasizing the dangerous conditions that persist on many roads. Crews have been working tirelessly to clear the fallen branches and trees entangled in power lines since the early morning hours.

Middlesex County was also hit hard by the storm, with approximately 11,799 customers reporting power outages. Chelmsford, Acton, and Westford were the communities most affected in the county.

The majority of the outages, about 36,119, were reported among National Grid customers. Eversource, on the other hand, reported 2,994 outages among their customers. Both utility companies have deployed additional crews to address the widespread damage caused by the thunderstorms.

“It is important to treat any downed power lines as potentially live wires and report them immediately to the utility company,” advised MEMA. Residents are urged to contact their respective utility companies to report outages and ensure prompt restoration of services.

The process of restoring power is ongoing, and utility crews are working diligently to bring back electricity to the affected areas. MEMA’s online outage map provides real-time updates on the progress being made.


Q: How many customers were without power in Massachusetts?
A: As of Saturday morning, approximately 39,113 customers were still without power in Massachusetts.

Q: Which county had the highest number of outages?
A: Essex County had the highest number of outages, with 26,237 customers left without power.

Q: What should residents do if they encounter a downed power line?
A: Residents should assume that downed power lines are live wires and report them immediately to the utility company.

Q: Which utility companies are involved in restoring power?
A: National Grid and Eversource are working to restore power in Massachusetts. Additional crews have been deployed to address the widespread damage caused by the thunderstorms.