Newly Discovered Evidence Unveils Startling Details in Nurse Lucy Letby’s Case

Disturbing new evidence has been uncovered in the ongoing investigation into nurse Lucy Letby, shedding light on her actions and raising more questions about her motives. Among the items found hidden under her bed was a note detailing the medications administered to a baby boy during a critical point in his treatment. This shocking discovery adds another layer of complexity to Letby’s alleged crimes.

Letby, who stands accused of deliberately harming several infants while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit, has vehemently denied the accusations. She claims that the items found were not kept as souvenirs, but rather were inadvertently misplaced or forgotten.

In addition to the medication note, a blood gas reading for the same baby was discovered in a carrier bag alongside a number of shift handover sheets. These sheets contained sensitive information about the children under her care during specific shifts, including the names of the babies she was accused of harming. Letby denied intentionally collecting these documents, asserting that she had accumulated numerous papers throughout her life without disposing of them.

However, another chilling detail emerged during the investigation. It was revealed that Letby had kept a photograph of a sympathy card she had sent to the parents of a deceased baby girl. The image was found on her mobile phone, taken in the very unit where the alleged murder took place. Letby defended her actions, stating that she often took pictures of cards she had sent as a way of preserving sentimental memories.

These newly discovered pieces of evidence challenge the narrative surrounding Letby’s innocence and raise concerns about her conduct during her tenure at the neonatal unit. The investigation continues as authorities dig deeper into the motives and actions of this perplexing case.


1. What evidence was found under Lucy Letby’s bed?

Among the items found were a note detailing the medications given to a baby boy during resuscitation, a blood gas reading, and shift handover sheets containing sensitive information about the infants Letby cared for.

2. Did Letby admit to keeping these items as souvenirs?

No, Letby denied keeping the items for sentimental purposes. She claimed that they were misplaced or forgotten.

3. What other evidence raises concerns about Letby’s actions?

Letby had a photograph of a sympathy card she had sent to the parents of a deceased baby girl. The card was taken at the neonatal unit where she allegedly committed the murder.

4. What is the status of the investigation?

The investigation is ongoing as authorities delve deeper into Letby’s motives and conduct during her time at the neonatal unit.