New Funding Secures the Future of Cheshire’s Leisure Centres

Cheshire’s leisure centres are set to receive a significant boost in funding to ensure the continued operation of their swimming pools. As part of the £20 million Government-driven Swimming Pool Support Fund, nine leisure centres in the region have been granted a total of £849,774. The funding will help alleviate the pressures of rising operating costs, allowing these facilities to remain open and accessible to the public.

According to the Government, the first round of funding has been distributed to leisure centres that are at the greatest risk of closure or reduction in services. The intention is to provide immediate relief by assisting with energy and running expenses. Cheshire East, Cheshire West, and Halton will all benefit from this funding initiative, enabling residents to continue enjoying the health and fitness benefits offered by these facilities.

The measure has been welcomed by Sports Minister Stuart Andrew, who recognizes the importance of leisure centres and swimming pools in promoting physical well-being. “Many public swimming pools are experiencing greater pressure due to increased operating costs,” he explained. “We have heard their concerns and have stepped in to help them make ends meet.”

Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Executive Director for Place at Sport England, also highlighted the significance of swimming pools and leisure centres in bolstering the country’s activity levels. She emphasized the role of Sport England in facilitating the delivery of this funding and acknowledged the challenges faced by operators in maintaining these vital community resources.

As a part of the Swimming Pool Support Fund, a further £40 million will be made available over the coming months. This funding will focus on enhancing the sustainability of public swimming pools through investments in energy-efficient measures and infrastructure improvements. It aims to address issues related to energy consumption, maintenance costs, and overall operational efficiency.

The allocation of substantial funding to Cheshire’s leisure centres represents a crucial step in securing the long-term viability of these facilities. By providing immediate relief and supporting more sustainable practices, the Government aims to ensure that leisure centers continue to play a vital role in the health and well-being of local communities.


1. How will the funding help leisure centres in Cheshire?

The funding will assist leisure centres in Cheshire with their operating costs, particularly in relation to swimming pool facilities. It will provide relief from rising energy expenses and contribute to the overall sustainability of these centers.

2. Which areas in Cheshire will benefit from the funding?

The funding will be shared across Cheshire East, Cheshire West, and Halton. Leisure centres in these areas will receive financial support to ensure the continued operation of their swimming pools.

3. Why are leisure centres facing increased operating costs?

Leisure centres, especially those with swimming pools, are experiencing a surge in operating costs due to factors such as rising energy prices and maintenance expenses. These financial burdens have put many facilities at risk of closure or reduction in services.

4. How will the additional £40 million funding be used?

The additional funding of £40 million will focus on enhancing the energy efficiency of public swimming pools and leisure centres. Investments will be made in new heating systems and energy-saving interventions to promote sustainable practices and reduce operating costs.

5. What is the long-term goal of the funding initiative?

The funding initiative aims to support the long-term sustainability of public swimming pools and leisure centres. By addressing immediate financial burdens and promoting energy-efficient measures, the goal is to ensure continued access to these facilities for local communities.