Facing the Housing Crisis: Demanding Change at the Bloomfield School Site

A small but passionate group of activists gathered in front of the abandoned Bloomfield school site in Halifax on Friday, September 8, 2023. They came together to demand the development of affordable housing on the neglected property. The site, which was purchased by Banc Investments Ltd. from the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) for $22 million, was supposed to be developed with below-market-value housing within five years. However, as it stands now, the site remains untouched, failing to meet the conditions of the purchase.

Local resident Sam Krawec joined the demonstration, emphasizing the potential of the Bloomfield School site. Krawec highlighted the various possibilities that could be realized if the property was used for social or public housing, cooperative housing for people from diverse income backgrounds, or even as a mixed-use development with green spaces and childcare facilities. Krawec stressed that it was crucial to take back the site from Banc Developments and repurpose it for those who are most in need. In fact, Krawec suggested that expropriation without compensation might be the best course of action.

The protesters are calling on HRM to intervene and regain control of the Bloomfield School site. They argue that affordable housing is a pressing issue in the community and that the unused property represents a missed opportunity to address this crisis. With housing affordability becoming an increasingly urgent concern in Halifax, the activists are determined to push for change and ensure that the Bloomfield School site serves the needs of the people.


Q: What is the purpose of the demonstration at the Bloomfield School site?
A: The demonstrators are demanding the development of affordable housing on the neglected property.

Q: Who purchased the Bloomfield School site from HRM?
A: Banc Investments Ltd. purchased the property for $22 million.

Q: What conditions were set for the development of the property?
A: The purchase agreement stated that the development should include below-market-value housing and be completed within five years.

Q: Why are the activists calling for HRM to intervene?
A: The activists believe that HRM should take back the site from Banc Developments to ensure that it is used for the benefit of those in need of affordable housing.