Unveiling the Dark Realities of Gang Violence in Greater Manchester

In a shocking revelation, a recent incident in Greater Manchester has shed light on the horrifying and brutal reality of gangland warfare in the region. A 999 call captures the panic and fear of a witness who describes how his friend’s hand was brutally severed with an axe by a group of individuals. The caller explains that they had previous conflicts with these assailants, which led to the violent attack. The incident initially began as a road rage incident, making it even more chilling and unexpected.

This distressing scene is part of the opening footage of the new BBC documentary series, “The Detectives: Taking Down An OCG,” which delves deep into the operations of drug gangs in the area. The show exposes their methods, such as bribing witnesses, grooming children, and employing extreme violence to assert their dominance and control. The focus of the series is on a specialized police unit in Rochdale that is dedicated to dismantling the Adam OCG, based in the Newbold Estate.

The harrowing video then shows 18-year-old Cameron Brooksbank, the victim of the attack, recounting the traumatic event to the police. Tearful and filled with fear, Cameron vividly describes the encounter, revealing the brutality he endured. The attack left him with severe injuries, necessitating multiple surgeries to partially reattach his hand and maintain limited use of his arm.

Following a lengthy legal process, the perpetrators were brought to justice. Mohammed Awais Sajid, known as ‘Skinny,’ was sentenced to 18 years in prison for section 18 wounding. Habibur Rahman received a sentence of four-and-a-half years for summoning the attacker, while Zillur Rahman and Arsan Ali also received prison terms for their involvement in the violent incident.

The first episode of “The Detectives” not only exposes the chilling reality of gang violence but also showcases the tireless efforts of law enforcement to track down and apprehend members of the criminal organization. Despite the challenges they face, the police remain relentless in their pursuit of justice.


Q: How did the attack begin?
A: The attack initially started as a road rage incident.

Q: How did the victim sustain his injuries?
A: The victim’s hand was almost severed by an axe during the attack.

Q: What actions did the police take?
A: The police managed to apprehend 18 members of the gang, although they encountered difficulties in prosecuting them.


– [BBC Website](https://www.bbc.co.uk/)