Rambler Move-In Delayed for UT Austin Students

Ahead of the start of classes on August 22, many students at UT Austin were dismayed to learn that they would not be able to move into their new building, The Rambler, until August 26. The apartment complex, with over 215 units, had scheduled move-in dates for August 19. However, late on Thursday night, a spokesperson from The Rambler sent an email stating that the building had failed a fire inspection.

The sudden announcement left many students in a difficult situation. Sloan Rigamonti, a senior at UT Austin, expressed her frustration, saying, “This situation – it just sucks.” Rigamonti shared her concerns about not knowing where she would live and how it affected her night’s sleep.

Other students and families also expressed their worry about their housing situation during the start of the school year. The Rambler spokesperson issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience and promising to work tirelessly to expedite the move-in process.

To compensate for the delayed move-in, The Rambler is offering $200 per day of “abated” rent until the move-in date, as well as up to $500 for travel and moving expenses. They have also provided a list of hotel options for students who are without accommodations.

Although Rigamonti is fortunate enough to stay with her boyfriend, she expressed concern that the stipend provided would not be enough to cover hotel costs for those in need. She mentioned the expensive hotels during UT Parents Weekend as a reference point.

The City of Austin Development Services Department confirmed that The Rambler failed the fire inspection on Thursday. The building is scheduled for another fire inspection on Monday. After passing this second inspection, the building will require a final inspection to receive its temporary certificate of occupancy.

Rigamonti revealed that she had been worried about the readiness of the building since last Spring and expressed her desire for better communication throughout the process.

It is clear that the students affected by the delayed move-in are facing unforeseen challenges. The Rambler is actively working to resolve the issues and ensure the needs of the residents are met until move-in can take place.