Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Kicks Off with Night Glow

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta kicked off on Thursday with thousands of people gathering to enjoy the festivities. Although the planned mass ascent had to be cancelled due to strong winds, the balloons were tethered in the grounds of Ashton Court for visitors to see. One notable balloon that made an appearance was a vintage Sonic the Hedgehog balloon, last seen at the fiesta decades ago.

As the evening progressed, the crowd eagerly waited for the night glow event. The crowd joined in singing popular songs like “Hey Jude” and “Sweet Caroline” as dozens of balloons were illuminated to music, creating a spectacular scene as the fiesta’s opening day was marked.

For those who missed the opening day, the fiesta will continue until Sunday. Weather permitting, there are scheduled mass ascents at 6am and 6pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Another night glow event is also planned for Saturday at 9pm.

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is a popular annual event that attracts both locals and visitors from around the world. It showcases a variety of colorful balloons and provides a unique experience for attendees. Despite the cancellation of the mass ascent on the first day, the night glow event ensured that the fiesta started off on a high note.