Yellow Weather Warning Issued for Thunderstorms in Southeastern and Eastern England

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning in response to the wet weather that has been forecasted between 1pm to 7pm today (September 1). Thunderstorms are expected to reach Mildenhall and Eye at their most northerly point and spread across the county to the coastline.

Travel could be affected as driving conditions may worsen due to the spray from other cars and potential hail that might fall. There is also a possibility of flooding to a few homes and businesses, as well as building damage from lightning strikes.

The Met Office advises against driving during thunderstorms, but those who must drive are urged to slow down, use main roads, turn on their dipped headlights, and leave a larger gap between the car in front.

According to the warning issued by the Met Office, heavy showers are likely to develop in parts of Suffolk, Essex, and North Kent this afternoon, with isolated thunderstorms also possible.

In some areas, rainfall levels could be between 20 – 50mm.

Stay weather aware and monitor the latest information for updates on the situation.