The Town of Pouch Cove Opens New Firefighter Training Centre

The town of Pouch Cove has recently unveiled a brand new firefighter training centre called the Jack Connors Training Centre. This long-awaited facility, officially opened last week, has been a priority for Pouch Cove Volunteer Fire Department Chief Derek Sullivan for nearly a decade. The training centre is crucial as the town frequently provides mutual aid to the nearby towns of Portugal Cove and Torbay.

Chief Sullivan emphasizes the importance of providing realistic training to firefighting crews, especially when it comes to dealing with structure fires. The newly built training centre is three storeys tall and is equipped with furniture to simulate real-life scenarios for crews. For instance, firefighters can practice techniques such as venting a roof in a controlled environment.

This state-of-the-art facility will greatly enhance the capabilities and preparedness of Pouch Cove’s volunteer firefighters. With access to a dedicated training centre, firefighters will be able to develop and refine their skills in a safe and controlled setting. This will ultimately enable them to respond more effectively to emergencies and protect the community they serve.

The Jack Connors Training Centre is a significant milestone for the Pouch Cove Volunteer Fire Department and the entire community. Its establishment showcases the commitment and dedication of both the department and the town in ensuring the safety and well-being of their residents. With this new training centre now in place, Pouch Cove can continue to strengthen its mutual aid efforts with neighboring towns and provide enhanced firefighting services to its residents.

Overall, the opening of the Jack Connors Training Centre marks an important achievement for the Town of Pouch Cove. Through this facility, Pouch Cove’s firefighters are equipped with the necessary training and resources to effectively respond to emergencies and safeguard their community.