Vatican Recognizes Transgender Catholics and Affirms Their Role as Godparents

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Vatican’s doctrinal office has declared that transgender individuals can be baptized in the Catholic Church and serve as godparents under specific circumstances. The statement marks a significant step toward inclusivity within the Church and has been applauded by advocates for LGBTQ+ rights.

The document, approved by Pope Francis and released last month, emphasizes that transgender individuals, even if they have undergone hormone therapy and sex-reassignment surgery, can receive baptism like any other faithful adherent. However, the statement comes with a caveat, explaining that these baptisms are permissible as long as they don’t risk causing scandal or confusion among the congregation.

The publication of this document was prompted by inquiries from a Brazilian bishop regarding the participation of LGBTQ+ individuals in sacraments like baptism and marriage ceremonies. The Vatican’s response acknowledges that transgender adults can serve as godparents, leaving the discretion to local priests who are advised to exercise pastoral prudence to avoid scandal or undue legitimization within the church community.

The document also clarifies that transgender individuals can act as witnesses in church weddings, demonstrating a notable shift from previous guidelines. This pronouncement is in stark contrast to the restrictive policies implemented by many dioceses in the United States, highlighting the progressive stance of Pope Francis and certain high-ranking church leaders.

Francis DeBernardo from the New Ways Ministry, a US-based organization advocating for greater acceptance in the Church, described the Vatican’s decision as “big and good news” and a momentous step toward trans inclusion. DeBernardo emphasizes that this pronouncement signifies that gender identity should not serve as a barrier to participation in Catholic sacraments.


Q: Can transgender individuals be baptized in the Catholic Church?

A: Yes, according to a recent statement by the Vatican’s doctrinal office, transgender individuals can be baptized in the Catholic Church under certain conditions.

Q: Can transgender individuals serve as godparents in the Catholic Church?

A: Yes, the document approved by Pope Francis states that transgender individuals may serve as godparents at the discretion of local priests, who are advised to exercise pastoral prudence.

Q: How does this statement impact LGBTQ+ rights in the Catholic Church?

A: The Vatican’s pronouncement is seen as a significant step toward greater acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals within Catholic doctrine. It demonstrates a shift in perspective from previous guidelines.

Q: Are there any restrictions mentioned in the document?

A: The document mentions that transgender individuals must not generate scandal or confusion among the faithful for their baptism to be possible. Pastoral prudence is advised by local priests to ensure this.