Massive Oak Tree Falls on Governor DeSantis’ Residence During Hurricane Idalia

Amidst the chaos brought by Hurricane Idalia in Florida, an enormous 100-year-old oak tree crashed onto Governor Ron DeSantis’ mansion in Tallahassee. Although Governor DeSantis was not present during the incident, his wife Casey DeSantis and their children were home, luckily escaping unharmed. Mrs. DeSantis shared the news on social media, expressing gratitude that no one was injured and sending prayers to those affected by the storm.

Hurricane Idalia, which initially made landfall in Big Bend as a strong Category 3 storm, has now weakened to a Category 1. While addressing the press, Governor DeSantis mentioned the fallen tree, remarking that it had not directly hit the residence but had fallen slightly to the side. He remained optimistic about the tree’s removal, suggesting that if it had to be taken down entirely, it would provide more space for his children to play baseball, adding a silver lining to the situation.

As the hurricane continues its relentless assault on Florida, the state has already reported two fatalities from unrelated car accidents caused by the storm. Numerous bridges and roadways have become impassable, and storm surges have engulfed parts of Tampa and St. Petersburg. The Steinhatchee River near Big Bend has experienced significant swelling, with water levels exceeding nine feet.

Authorities in western Florida are urging residents not to assume safety once the hurricane passes, as forecasters predict the possibility of a “king tide,” an abnormally high tide, bringing further water inland. The aftermath of the hurricane poses risks beyond the storm’s duration.


Q: Were there any injuries when the oak tree fell on Governor DeSantis’ mansion?
A: No, Governor DeSantis’ wife and children were home at the time, but fortunately, no one was injured.

Q: What is the current category of Hurricane Idalia?
A: Hurricane Idalia has weakened to a Category 1 storm after initially making landfall as a Category 3.

Q: How many deaths have been linked to the storm?
A: Two motorists have already lost their lives in unrelated car accidents caused by Hurricane Idalia.

Q: What is the concern regarding safety after the storm passes?
A: Forecasts warn of a potential “king tide,” an exceptionally high tide, which may bring additional water inland and pose further threats.