Johnson County Court Hears Testimony in Case of Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Testimony in a Johnson County court revealed new details about the tragic incident where a 16-year-old driver struck and killed a pedestrian in Iowa City. The driver, Jack McCaffery, is the son of Iowa head basketball coach, Fran McCaffery. The court session did not have any members of the McCaffery family in attendance.

McCaffery faced a misdemeanor charge of not yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The court played a 911 call where McCaffery confessed to hitting the man with his vehicle outside the Walnut Ridge neighborhood. Witnesses testified that traffic had slowed down as a driver signaled a jogger, Corey Hite, to cross the road. It was during this moment that McCaffery’s vehicle struck Hite, causing him fatal injuries.

Eliza Ghabel, a realtor who was present at the scene, testified that McCaffery appeared visibly distressed and claimed that the pedestrian had run out in front of him. Responding officer Melvin Herrera stated that he found Hite lying in a pool of blood and unconscious. He immediately called for an ambulance and the fire department.

Body camera footage revealed that Iowa Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery arrived at the scene. Testing confirmed that Jack McCaffery was sober and not using his phone while driving, but his speed could not be determined. The defense argued that McCaffery did not have a clear view of the pedestrian due to a mail truck obstructing his line of sight.

The judge did not announce a verdict during the court session and stated that a written ruling would be provided at a later date.

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